Basic Vastu for Home in Hyderabad


Vastu is a key factor before buying a new house. It had dictated the construction and orientation of a house for hundreds of years. That being said, its significance has drastically decreased. This, for the most part, is due to the increase in skeptics who question the ancient ways thought to us by our ancestors. All real estate companies in Hyderabad realize this and are working on building houses with proper vastu.

Vastu Shastra is governed by the five basic elements of nature namely, water, fire, air, sky, and earth. The fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra can be tuned, extended and modernized for the modern age. This is because the basic needs of humans never change. Vastu Shastra has become more relevant and necessary for the modern man. A new house should be an inspiration to live a better life.

Vastu is Science!

Invisible forces

It has become difficult for people to find homes with proper vastu. Internally and externally, there are a few factors that affect the vibe or the aura a house. These are not random claims made by our forefathers. They have scientific reasons behind them.

Things like the elements around the house like the soil, the rain and even the flow of wind are taken into consideration. The position of the sun and the moon along with rotation and revolution of the earth are factors in deciding a house’s vastu.

This is due to factors invisible to the naked eye such as magnetic fields and energy flow. They have a huge impact on both people’s presence and flow of thoughts and ideas. There are actual scientific studies and journals which can prove this.

Direct impact

There are reasons that are a lot more evident than the above reasons. For example, vastu dictates that having doors and windows in a certain region of the house will allow direct sunlight only during the morning and not during the afternoon. Additionally, planting trees in certain areas is advised to protect and provide shade from the afternoon sun and extreme winds. Exposure to the sun early in the morning is good for your health. It is a good source of Vitamin D. On the flip side, direct exposure to the sun in the afternoon can cause skin burns and even cancer.

Aura is a factor

Sometimes when you walk into a few houses, you feel warm, comfortable, and positive. Sometimes the opposite happens. You feel cold, stressed and negative.

This is due to the aura or the presence the house has. Vastu studies these patterns to bring out the most positive vibe from a house.
Those are few of the many benefits from a house with good vastu.

Understanding vastu

When you are convinced that vastu is essential, a new question arises. “How do I understand vastu”?

The basic vastu for home

Vastu divides any house into 9 parts in the form of a grid. Each section is named from its position and is influenced by a certain god.

  • The Centre represents Brahma, the God of Creation
  • North represents Kubera, the God of Fortune and Wealth
  • South represents Yama, the God of Death
  • East represents Surya, the God of Sun
  • West represents Varuna, the God of Rain
  • North-East represents Isha, the God of Water
  • North-West represents Vayu, the God of Wind
  • South-East represents Agni, the God of Fire
  • South-West represents Asura, i.e. demons

The Shape

The shape of the house must be a square of a rectangle. The ratio of length to the breadth of the house should not be more than 2. This is a fundamental rule for all homes no matter what the locality. The only exception to this rule is that if all the other sides are right angles, the north-east side can be elongated.

There are scientific studies backing up this as well. Houses are least likely to be affected during earthquakes and similar natural calamities when they are shaped in the form of squares and rectangles.

The direction

The direction the house is facing is often confused upon. It is the direction you will be facing while stepping OUT of your main door. The best direction for a house to face is the North-East.

You can choose the direction of your house by the profession you pursue. Businessmen should prefer having a house facing North. People with creative professions like artists, dancers and singers should have a South facing the house. Coming to people with leadership roles like Politicians or sarpanch should opt for an east facing the house. Next category is people with managerial roles should take a west facing the house.

The orientation

The position of the rooms in a house is crucial to the vastu of the house. There are many restrictions on the placement of rooms in a certain place. These are backed up by science.

For example, there shouldn’t be a bedroom in the south-west and north-east end of the house. The magnetic forces of the earth will negatively influence your sleeping pattern, causing sleep deprivation, poor health, and stress.

The interiors

The placement of furniture, the color and even the plumbing inside a house have an effect on its vastu. This has a direct relation to the presence of the god present in the area.

For example, there shouldn’t be any heavy objects placed in the North-East corner of the house. This is the section of the water god Isha, so it will negatively impact the aura of the house.

There are many studies that prove that it is easier to focus and concentrate in certain areas of a house. This is the reason for many of the luxury villas in Hyderabad have a study in the east region of the house.

The ornaments

Ornaments are small additions that you can place around your house to improve its vastu. Having a chandelier in the central hall or having small ringing bells placed at the entrance will improve the flow and distribution of positive energy while holding back negative energy.

There are quite a few apartments and new villas for sale in Hyderabad. It would be a challenging take for you to look at every house available. Muppa Projects constructs the best luxury villas in Hyderabad. They build all their houses with vastu in mind and all their previous customers are happy with their purchase.


Vastu is an ancient science that was gifted to us by our ancestors. Having houses with bad vastu can cause health issues, financial problems, and stress. However, having good vastu boosts productivity, improves finances and helps you maintain positive vibes. Finally, it can be said that vastu is a belief of an individual. Some rules vary from pandit to pandit, location to location but its purpose remains the same

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