Gated Community Houses

It’s understandable for you to want whatever is modern, trending for your house. This is especially true for gated community houses. They are comparatively more expensive and have a larger scope for luxury and lavishness. So, what are the latest Gated Community trends that make your choice of a home an apt one?

Architecture should be artistic in gated community houses

Art is showcased in many ways. The design of a building is one of them. From the shape of the exterior to the color palette and even the decoration should reflect your family’s personality. Having unique and captivating homes is a trend that has changed the real estate industry in terms of creativity.

Some like to have bright colors in unique design formats, some like to keep it plain and have ornamental plants on the walls. It’s completely up to you. Whatever your choice might be, it should reflect your choice in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

Functionality won’t be compromised

You might think that you need to compromise on the functionality of your home due to its artistic architecture but that is not at all true. The name of this trend is hyper-functional homes and it is one that you need to know and prefer.

“Which way should the interiors of a house be designed to give the owner the maximum amount of comfort?” This is the ideology that all architects keep in mind while designing your home. Placement of the kitchen to the dining room, the bedroom to the bathroom, the hall to the stairs, the parking space to the gate, etc. Everything is accounted for down to the very last detail.

This is a comfort that you will not notice in everyday usage but will understand when you stay in houses without hyper-functionality in mind.

Outdoors should be a treat

Gated community houses have the advantage of large outdoor gardens that are right outside your front door. The outdoors should be equally, if not more, appreciated than the indoors. After all, they build the first impression for everyone who visits your home.

Having a great yard also increases the resale value of the house. Research says that a house with great front yards has a 17% higher profit range than a house without one.

Exotic plantations

A trend that has picked up a lot of pace in recent years is having space for you to grow your own fruits and vegetables. This is a unique and interesting way of living. Imagine how thrilling it would be to tell your guests that the vegetables they are having were harvested from your garden outside.

This has a health benefit as well. Aside from tasting better because of the freshness, it is a lot more healthy way of living. This can evolve into an extremely rewarding hobby.

In addition to edibles, some homeowners prefer to nurture colorful and exotic flowers that add to the beauty aspect of the home. This trend is making people more nurturing and independent.

Modern security

Security was never truly been a concern in gated communities due to great staff employment, CCTV cameras, visitor check-ins, and check-outs, etc. It is from those residents who want to take it to the next level that a new was developed.

With advanced equipment used to guard your home, staying in a gated community houses is now even more secure. Systems like electronic fencing that are powered by solar panners and biometric locks on doors are prime examples of this trend.

An eco-friendly outlook

Everyone has become more conscious about conserving our natural resources and giving back to mother nature. This is why well-maintained parks and trees all over the gated community houses have become a requirement.

This is by far the most productive trend circulating in the real estate industry. Installation of solar panels on home roofs, usage of modern techniques like drip irrigation for watering plants, electronics that turn off automatically when not needed, are the most recent trends that are not only making homes maintenance more efficient and economical but also rewarding.

Calling them amenities is an understatement

The requirement for amenities for gated communities a few years ago was completely different from what they are now. Here is a list of amenities that have become mandatory for any gated community due to change in trends.

  • An exclusive access pool: Only members of the gated community houses can use it, which means overcrowded pools will be a non-existent situation.
  • Party halls: You can reserve these halls for large scale events that you want to host at a low price. This not only saves you money but also ensures comfort and quality.
  • Ever present staff: There will be an ‘always present’ staff at your disposal. What this means is that a plumber, an electrician, etc will be on call when you face any home maintenance situation. Quick and efficient fix for any trouble you might face.
  • A clubhouse: This is supposed to be the ‘social center’ of the community and will be where you and your family will probably spend your free time. It has games, events and a friendly environment with like-minded people.
  • Sports zones: These too have become mandatory for anyone to choose a gated community houses. All sports enthusiasts can get together and play to their heart’s content as the ground has exclusive access to community members only. This includes a gym as well.
  • Pet parks: Animal lovers always find it hard for their pets to let loose. This is why the gated community has started providing parks, exclusively for pets and pet lovers.

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You might find a few of these trends in a house you are looking for. A few, you might have to install for yourself. Whatever might be the case, these are the most talked about and sought after trends of 2019.

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