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Has it ever happened, that you were walking outside, you spot a gated community in Hyderabad or any house and think, “Wow! That house looks excellent.”? Do you wonder if you can make your house look that good? Well, it can be achieved through the magic of Landscaping.


Landscaping, simply put, improves the outer look of your house. This could be done through the addition of decorative items, paint jobs, planting shrubs and plants, etc.

The undemanding act of adding a colorful verandah, planting greenery and removing weeds in your garden, can change someone’s impression of your home from good to amazing. Although it sounds very simple, the benefits derived are huge.

It is a well-known fact that first impressions matter most, especially if you are living in a gated community or a villa. That being said, Landscaping is not the most prioritized activity for the residents. We have to change that thought process.

Here are a few benefits that could be gained from landscaping:

Adds value, especially for an apartment, villas or gated community in Hyderabad

  • Curb Appeal is too huge of a factor to ignore. This means that the first impression plays a big part in how much the buyer will offer for your apartment or villa in the end.
  • If you spend just a little money on landscaping, you can see the appreciation compared to the initial estimates.
  • Just by spending 10% of what you do on the interiors of the house, will give fantastic results. According to research done on luxury villas in Hyderabad, it can increase the home’s overall value by over 30%.
  • The attention you give to landscaping should be at least equal to, if not more than interior decoration.

Amplifies social stature

Which house would you prefer to spend more time in? The one which is gloomy and dull or the one which is colorful, vibrant and inviting.

  • Social image is a huge factor for people nowadays and landscaping will beautify your house thereby improve your social status in an unprecedented manner.
  • In addition to giving your home a captivating look, it will inspire the residents around you in a positive manner to bring sensible change to the society by making them plant trees. And guess what? You will be at its forefront.

Fulfills your responsibility as a citizen

  • We are all entitled to the benefits we take advantage of that are being provided to us by nature. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, it is all a gift from Mother Earth.
  • That said, we have a few responsibilities to undertake. Planting trees and maintaining grass patches actually has a favorable effect on nature and society.

Getting in touch with your spiritual side

  • Reducing stress has become quite a challenge in the busy lifestyle we all live in.
  • Landscaping creates an opportunity to unwind, relax and get in touch with your spiritual side.
  • People nourish and maintain Bonsai plants for connecting with nature at an ever deeper level. This ancient procedure even gives out a very polished and elegant look to the house.

Keeps you fit

  • Just spending time out in nature, breathing in fresh air, walking or exercising will have loads of advantages.
  • However, a lot of people struggle to get motivated to go to the park or the gym, but when you have a lush green garden at your very own front porch who wouldn’t want to exercise in it and stay fit.
  • In this manner, landscaping helps you keep your body in check. Hence a lot of gated community in Hyderabad with apartments and villas choose to have gardens, plantations, etc.

As a hobby

  • Flower gardening is a delightful way to spend your time. Nurturing flowers and waiting to see how the bloom into breathtaking, captivating flowers is truly a rewarding process.
  • People even plant them in unique patterns to give their garden a more stunning look.
  • A select few, who are enthusiastic about cooking often grow fruit and vegetable plants for a fresh supply. Imagine serving food to your guests and telling them that the vegetables are from your yard?

For your kids and pets

  • Taking the time to landscape your home or villa will have the added advantage of having an accessible place for your children and pets to play around.
  • There is no need for you to take them to the park or other areas that are far away.

For a premium experience

  • Countless reasons could be given for why landscaping is good, but what more reason do you need than that it just looks great.
  • In society, everything matters. Especially how presentable your home looks.
  • For this very reason, most of the upcoming villa projects in Hyderabad are designing homes which are pre-landscaped.

Once you have decided on landscaping, a problem arises as to ‘How do I do it right?’

For people who are wondering that here’s the answer.

There is no one correct way to do it. Freestyle and see what you can do. However, you have to keep a few guidelines in mind.


  • Planning is key. The image you want for your home or villa can amount to nothing if you end you don’t plan and execute it efficiently.
  • Try removing weeds regularly. A dirty lawn has the opposite effect of what was intended.
  • Maintaining a seasonal contrast. A few plants and decorations look better in the summer and some look better in the winter.
  • Try to edging your lawn to the best of your ability. ‘Edging’ could be done by outlining your porch with stones, fences or through careful placement.

Where do you get started?

There are already a few real estate companies in Hyderabad that have built attractive and captivating homes.

Muppa projects are one of the emerging real estate companies that deliver consistent results. They consider landscaping to be an important quality to the customers and put in an immense amount of effort to create elite gardens and homes. There works on Muppa’s Indraprastha, Muppa’s Alankrita, Muppa’s Green Grandeur, Muppa’s Aaradhya are truly unique and captivating. They leave every customer satisfied.

Muppa’s villas are located at the heart of the city in Tellapur, Gachibowli. They are close to many major city hubs like Hitech city, Financial District and Gachibowli stadium.


There is no denying the fact that landscaping is great for house owners as it gives many distinct advantages. Why would anyone not follow through on such an amazing journey which gives such amazing results, right?

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